To provide youngsters with an opportunity to learn basketball and develop their skills in a recreational and/or competitive travel environment.

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Kids take an active role in helping kids in need.

To make this a valuable learning experience, kids in the Glastonbury school system have some say as to where the funds go. For example, one thousand kids at Smith Middle School in Glastonbury recently voted to allocate $5,000 in raised funds to a group of selected charities that help kids. The kids wrote, in their own words, why they voted for that particular charity – the comments were real, engaging and from the heart.

Here’s a small sample of what Glastonbury kids said about the charities we support.


ABC House – Glastonbury, CT   |

“You can’t achieve your goals without a good education. These kids deserve the right to a good education so they can have their best chance at life. Glastonbury has a great school system, why not share that with the kids who don’t have good schools!”

Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford   |

“They give children my age and younger a chance to grow and learn. They teach kids character and leadership development, education and career development, health and life skills, the arts, and lastly, sports, fitness and recreation. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford offer an outstanding program.”

Connecticut Food Bank   |

“I feel we should donate to the Food Bank because they will feed those who are poor in Connecticut. I want hundreds of humans to have dinner tonight.”

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center   |

“My brother was there when he was sick with cancer. They helped me and my whole family smile. They help kids who can’t help themselves, even if they tried.”

Ghana Children’s Fund   |

“A small amount of money could reshape an entire village in Ghana, Africa, where they have virtually nothing and we are so fortunate here, which is why I want to help them.”

The Herren Project     |

“Sometimes people need a second chance when they may not have started off the best. This program helps kids from using drugs or alcohol. It can save a kid’s life.”

Leas Foundation for Leukemia Research     |

“This charity is worthy because it helps save many people's lives and my cousins really good friend has leukemia.”

Care Channel     |     

I think that it is an amazing opportunity to be able to give money to a global charity and help those around the world.


Friends of Glastonbury Youth & Family    |

“Youth and Family Services is a great place that provides many fun activities for kids and teens to enjoy, many of which I have been a part of.”